Garden towers for everyone

Changing the future of food for a better world

Ferme de tours à jardin Tower Garden en ville

By giving more people access to healthier food, the urban agriculture movement is improving lives by literally changing the way people eat.

And for more than a decade, Tower Farms has played an important role in urban agriculture, empowering communities, entrepreneurs and social change agents to easily and sustainably produce nutritious produce.

Because real food shouldn’t be a luxury enjoyed by the few. It should be available to all of us.

Get better results with less work

Ferme de tours à jardin Tower Farms de Tower Garden

Traditional agriculture is, by definition, dry work. But Tower Farms makes it easy by automating watering cycles, eliminating weeding and digging, minimizing pest risk and more.

In fact, several farmers in Tower Farm have zero farming experience!

You will have professional support. Our Tower Farms team, which includes Tower Garden developer Mr. Tim Blank and the current owners of Tower Farm, have helped plan, establish and manage over 300 successful projects. Then you will be in good hands. for launching and rolling your Tower Garden tower farm.

Grow faster and with fewer resources than conventional farming

Du basilic frais, directement de la ferme de tours à jardin Tower Garden

The advanced aeroponic technology that powers Tower Farms produces up to 30% more produce up to three times faster. In fact, you can expect to grow most herbs and greens from seed to harvest in just five weeks.

And by growing with a Tower Garden, you’ll save around 98% water, (considering that experts predict that two-thirds of the world’s population will experience water shortages by 2025), preserving the water is very important in protecting our environment.

Depending on how you set up your farm, you can grow up to 250,000 plants per acre!

Explore the different possibilities

Using the concept of vertical aeroponics, the Tower Farms Growing System allows you to sustainably grow food where conventional soil-based operations cannot — from rooftops to bunkers and more.

Here are some examples where our farmer-entrepreneurs are already growing.

Urban Farms

LA Urban Farm (ferme urbaine à Los Angeles)

Did you know that urban farms already produce 1/5 of the world’s food?

Here are some entrepreneurial farmers leading the movement with Tower Farms.

Click HERE  to discover them.

Greenhouse Farms

Ferme de tours à jardin verticale dans une serre. Tower Farm in a greenhouse.

When you grow in a greenhouse, you can have perfect control over temperature, humidity, and other environmental variables. And that means you can produce premium crops out of season, effectively manage pests,
grow all year round, and more.

Here are some farmers who operate their Tower Farms in a greenhouse.

Click HERE to discover them.

Indoor Farms

Cultiver à l'intérieur avec les fermes de tour Tower Garden. Grow inside thanks to Tower Garden Farm.

In urban areas, raw and cultivable land is scarce.
But with Tower Farms, you don’t need it! Because you can grow food in a variety of indoor environments, from warehouses to shipping containers.

Explore examples of indoor farming by clicking HERE.

Rooftop Farms

Une ferme de tours à jardin sur un toit en ville. A tower Garden Farm on a city rooftop.

Towns don’t seem to offer much room to grow food. But every building that takes up floor space has a roof that is full of farming potential.

And with a lightweight, upright design, the Tower Farms growing system is perfectly suited to the task.

Explore examples of rooftop farming by clicking HERE.

Restaurant Farms

Ferme de tours à jardin pour restaurant. Tower Farm for restaurant.

The local food movement has spawned a new breed of restaurants: those that grow their own ingredients.

For chefs and restaurateurs, the Tower Farms cultivation system provides an abundance of fresh, high-quality ingredients that keep customers coming back more often.

Explore examples of restaurant farms by clicking HERE.

School Farms

Tours à jardin à l'école. Garden Towers in school.Supporting student success with
school farm

Research has long shown a positive relationship between school garden programs and higher test scores.

And now, with Tower Farms, it’s never been easier for teachers — from kindergarten to college — to grow plants in the classroom.

Explore school farm examples by clicking HERE.

Non Profit Organizations

Tours à jardin pour banque alimentaire. Tower Garden for food bank.Foster a thriving community

Gardening can be an excellent tool for individual or community development. Whether it’s for a neighborhood association, food bank, seniors’ homes or non-profit groups; starting a Tower Garden community garden will help develop a sense of belonging but also help with healthy eating for the community.
There are grants for food banks and a new Towers of Hope program has just been launched to help these non-profit organizations in their mutual aid mission.

Contact us for further information.