Greenhouse Farms

Maximize climate control with a greenhouse farm

When growing in a greenhouse, you can fine-tune temperature, humidity, and other environmental variables.

And that means you can produce top quality crops out of season, effectively manage pests,
grow all year round, and more.

Explore examples of greenhouse cultivation​

True Garden ferme serre en Arizone. True Garden greenhouse farm in Arizone

True Garden

Logo True Garden, ferme de serre, greenhouse farming

Company located in Mesa, Arizona in the United States.

To make healthy foods more accessible and therefore inspire good health, pharmacists Troy and Lisa Albright founded True Garden in 2013, despite having no previous farming experience.

Now, with a specialized greenhouse that provides exceptional climate control, they provide the Phoenix community with fresh, vibrant produce year-round, even in the scorching desert summer heat.

Capable of growing over 16,000 live plants at once, the True Garden greenhouse is solar powered. Thus, it saves energy while the towers inside save space and water.

Scissortail Farms

Company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

One of Tower Farms largest operations, has the potential to grow up to 62,000 plants at a time. This translates to approximately 800-900 cases of leafy greens per week!

Not only is the greenhouse space efficient, but it is also energy efficient. In summer, a natural roof ventilation system, based on convection, cools the greenhouse. And in winter, a centralized boiler heats the grow space from the ground up, reducing heating costs by up to 70%.

As a result, Scissortail Farms can maintain precise control over environmental factors and produce fresh food for local restaurants and the community year-round.

Ferme serre ScissorTail greenhouse farm
Living Towers en Floride, ferme serre. Living Towers greenhouse farm in Florida

Logo Living Towers

Company located in Eustis, Florida, USA.

As one of the oldest greenhouse-based Tower Farms, Living Towers grows produce “beyond organic” for local consumers, cooperatives and food banks all year round. (The farm also grows seedlings for the tower’s residential gardeners).

Solar energy and rainwater power the Living Towers growing operation. This fact, coupled with the farm’s use of vertical aeroponic technology, makes Living Towers one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable farms in the world.

Operate your own greenhouse

With Tower Farms you can fit 10 times more plants in your greenhouse compared to horizontally oriented systems. This allows you to sell more products without increasing overhead, which increases the profitability of the business.

And on top of that, you’ll enjoy:

  • Absence of seasonality, allowing you to offer crops in demand at any time of the year
  • Less risk of pest problems since your plants are protected from the outside
  • Predictable and consistent yields with an increased level of control over growing conditions
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