Why grow vertically?

To use less water:
a garden tower

Did you know that in traditional agriculture around 80% of our drinking water supply is used? And that is much more than with a vertical garden tower.

This is an exceptionally serious problem for Western countries. So, we will have to find a solution to remedy this situation.

What if the solution already existed?

According to NASA, aeroponic growing systems use 98% less water than traditional farming methods.

To use less space:
a garden tower

One of the main problems of conventional agriculture is the amount of land required, a commodity that is becoming scarce every day!

Our vertical growing technology allows us to grow virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors using 90% less space than conventional farming.

To obtain better harvests

Grow 30% faster with aeroponics. A process by which plants grow in a moist, airy environment rather than in soil.

Aeroponic systems use only water and natural liquid nutrients.

A soilless growing method to grow more colorful, smellier, tastier and more nutritious food faster and more efficiently.

To obtain better yields

A study conducted by the University of Mississippi compared the yield of produce from crops grown in aeroponic growing systems and in soil.

Their researchers found that yields from plants grown with aeroponic technology were 30% tastier and more nutritious on average.

Grow healthier, easier and smarter

Why should you use Tower Garden over another growing method? Why not just plant some seeds in the ground? Why even garden when you can buy produce at the grocery store or market?

The benefits of Tower Garden can be summed up in three words: healthier, easier and smarter.

Adopt healthy eating habits

Everyone knows that eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for your health.

Refrigerating produce harvested before maturity and on the decline can be both very expensive and very low in nutrition. tourajardin.com allows you to inexpensively grow your own healthy, living foods, so you can eat more of them, more often. Plus, your harvest will be tastier and more nutritious than produce sold at the grocery store. Most commercial produce is grown with herbicides and pesticides and then shipped long distances.

These foods have aged along the way, so their flavors and nutrients are greatly diminished. When you grow with a vertical garden tower at home, you can have produce the way nature intended — alive, flavorful, nutritious, and picked just before consumption for added freshness.

Much easier !
The good side without the bad

Like many of us, you may have tried gardening before with disappointing results.

Fortunately, with the Tower Garden garden towers it’s different! Indeed, you do not need any previous gardening experience.

All you need to get your garden started is sunlight outside or from our LED lights inside. You need very little electricity, a little water and about 30 minutes a week of gardening.

Using only three square feet of space, the Tower Garden completely eliminates the need for digging, weeding, plowing, watering, kneeling and getting dirty.

Tower Garden makes gardening simple and easy! These garden towers can fit almost anywhere: on patios, decks, porches, balconies, in the living room, kitchen and more. Your Tower Garden tower comes with all the equipment you need, plus a set-up and grow guide so you can start your adventure easily and now.

And that’s without counting the incredible help of the community on Facebook always ready to help you in less than two minutes!

More intelligent : respects the environment and protects the planet

To cultivate a traditional garden in the ground you will have to make an expensive investment. Indeed, you will need to invest in compost, fertilizers, pest control solutions, irrigation systems and top quality soil, as well as tools – gloves, shovels, pipes and more.

In return, a Tower Garden vertical garden tower is financially accessible and can be considered an investment in your health that will quickly pay for itself.

An independent study has found that a Tower Garden tower can grow food fast enough to cover purchase costs in just six months, making Tower Garden a smart choice not only environmentally, but also financially.

In addition to this, transporting traditional products purchased at the grocery store leaves a significant carbon footprint. A footprint you are not contributing to when you grow directly at home with your Tower Garden!

A STEP towards
food autonomy

Our mission at Tourajardin.com is to expand the food autonomy movement both locally and regionally. Thanks to aeroponics we use a revolutionary technology to grow delicious vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, in a simple way, indoors and outdoors. Our goal is to spread the use of garden towers for businesses, restaurants, farmers, schools, communities, homeowners in order to establish innovative and sustainable farms throughout all communities. This beautiful mission is now possible in more than 20 countries around the world.

Assiette de salade provenant de la tour à jardin Tower Garden

Accessible for all

Whether you own an individual residence, live in a condo or an apartment in the heart of downtown, the vertical garden tower is within your reach.

Indeed, all you need is 0.60 to 1 square meter (2 to 3 square feet) of space to start your aeroponic culture with your Tower Garden garden tower.

If you have the space for a coffee table in the living room, you have the space to have your vertical garden tower at home

Tour à jardin Tower Garden FLEX dans une pièce de condo au centre-ville
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Famille sur la terrasse avec une tour à jardin Tower Garden FLEX
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No more inconveniences of gardening in the ground

As the vertical garden tower does not use soil, it is no longer necessary to do weeding in the garden tower! Plus, no more dirty hands, soiled clothes on gardening days.

In addition, since your garden tower can be installed both outside and inside the house, it allows you to grow good vegetables, good herbs and much more ALL YEAR ROUND! And when you live in a Nordic country like Canada… that’s a good thing.

And besides, to cultivate a traditional soil garden is not cheap! Invest in high-quality compost, fertilizers, pest control solutions, irrigation systems and soil. Then there are all the tools necessary for traditional gardening: gloves, shovels, garden hoses, flower beds, etc.

Are you ready) ?

Available in 10 countries worldwide

Mexico opening soon

Visit this page to order your Tower Garden garden tour directly from your country.