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In urban areas, raw and cultivable land is scarce.

But with Tower Farms, you don’t need that. Because you can grow food in a variety of indoor environments, from warehouses to shipping containers.

Explore examples of indoor farming​

Ferme urbaine Tour Jardin Québec

Tour Jardin Québec

Logo Tour Jardin Québec

Company located at the Puclic Market in Sainte-Foy in Quebec.

The idea of creating Tour Jardin Québec dates back to 2020. At that time, Josée Turmel was doing research to find a simple solution to food self-sufficiency. She realizes that the demand for living foods with high nutrient content is stronger than she thought. People really want to eat well every day. She is therefore joining forces with her spouse Dany Morency to open, in the fall of 2022, the first commercial aeroponic urban farm using Tower Garden technology in the Quebec City region! Sharing health through healthy, living, ripe food, without pesticides or other chemical additives. Only the best nature offers. The flavor of farm products quickly gained popularity and the vegetables and fine herbs of Tour Jardin Québec quickly carved out a place of choice among restaurateurs and lovers of fine cuisine.

Sharing health, flavor and autonomy is the mission of Tour Jardin Québec!

Juste D Plantes inc.

Logo Juste D Plantes

Company located in Ste-Thérèse, Quebec.

They are Elisabeth-Anne, nurse and holistic therapist, and Christophe, general contractor in construction and renovation.

At the beginning of 2023, a crazy but realistic idea began to germinate in their heads, they felt in their hearts a very strong wish to share with the whole world that it is possible to grow our vegetables independently, particularly here in Quebec, even during the winter months. Tower Garden technology is a great solution for self-sufficiency in the Laurentians region and around the world!

Logo Tour Jardin Beauce

Company located in Saint-Prosper-de-Dorchester, in Beauce, Quebec.

Life moves fast, the cost of the grocery basket is constantly increasing and the freshness of the products we buy sometimes leaves something to be desired. At Tour Jardin Beauce, we believe that your health should not pay the price. An essential aspect of being healthy is eating well. What we want is to help people be able to easily access living food, at its maximum nutritional potential and without chemicals or GMOs.

We are also very concerned about the environment. Our lifestyles have a direct impact on climate change. Our vegetables can sometimes travel thousands of miles, be handled multiple times and often involve plastic packaging. What about our drinking water resources, this element essential to life and too often contaminated and wasted in modern societies? Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of eating vegetables while giving you peace of mind knowing that your freshly picked foods are pesticide-free and the product of judicious use of the water necessary for them to grow. By purchasing your tower, you too are giving our precious planet a boost.

Why should you grow indoors?

Along with the freedom to sustainably produce food almost anywhere, indoor farming offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Ability to grow throughout the year, which means you will benefit from income all year round
  • Reduced risk of pests and therefore increased ease and efficiency of farming
  • Increased climate control, so you can grow plants regardless of season or weather, giving you a competitive edge in the market
De la bette à carde poussant TOUTE L'ANNÉE dans la tour à jardin Tower Garden

Ready to reap the benefits of indoor farming?