Start a garden tower farm

Through Tower Garden, forward-thinking farmers are making a living making a difference, and that’s without soil, high overhead, and often without an ounce of previous farming experience. Do you want to develop a bigger future (and a healthy profit)? Start a Tower Farm garden tower farm.

Aeroponics technology for the farm
to garden towers: the sustainable and responsible way to help humanity

As our supply of farmland and fresh water becomes scarce on our beautiful planet, the population continues to grow.

So, if we don’t adopt more efficient and sustainable farming methods, we will likely face global food and water shortages before long.

Luckily, there is a solution: vertical aeroponics – Tower Farms’ soilless cultivation technology. Agriculture is a booming industry – new agricultural businesses are springing up all over the world.

There are myriad reasons why Tower Farms technology is the perfect choice for an agricultural business that wants to be innovative and successful, here are a few of our favourites:

Ferme de tour Tower Farm à grand déploiement dans une serre!

A tower farm
almost anywhere…

Very high quality food can be grown in an unlikely number of places, both indoors and outdoors. And this, thanks to the unique design of the vertical aeroponic culture system. To get started, all you need is 200+ square feet, a source of clean water, an electrical outlet, and sunlight (or LED grow lights for indoors).

With agricultural financing
reduce costs by 75%

To start a traditional vegetable farm generally requires large investments. But thanks to the funding available from Tower Farms, urban farming is becoming more accessible to everyone. In addition to starting your farm at a lower cost, you only need a 25% down payment on your vertical garden tower farm. Contact us now for more details.

Le financement agricole afin de démarrer une ferme de tour à jardin verticale Tower Garden

Maximized yields with up to 250,000 plants per acre

A Tower Farms commercial tower takes up less than 6 square feet on the ground and uses stackable sections with four spaces for plants each. So an 11 section tall unit can hold 44 plants with only 6 square feet of floor space. This means that you can produce up to 10 times more food than a conventional farm of the same size, all year round. This is a big advantage in a northern country like Canada.

Grow 3 times faster for
up to 30% more production

Tower Farms’ aeroponic growing process produces up to 30% higher yields, 3 times faster than traditional farming methods. For most herbs and leafy greens, the planting-harvesting cycle can be as short as 21 days.

An ecologically fair
and sustainable culture

that uses 98% less water

Using closed-loop technology, Tower Farms systems recycle water and nutrients. They use up to 98% less water than conventional farms and do not require pesticides or major maintenance work, which is particularly important for those who tend towards quality, sustainable and efficient agriculture.

A garden tower farm
for a top quality crop

If you grow with a Tower Farms urban farm, you harvest when ripe and reduce food transport time. This means that your products maintain optimum quality, freshness and flavor. Additionally, aeroponic methods actually increase the nutrient density of several crops, like kale, tomatoes, and squash for example.

Tomates cultivées en culture aéroponique grâce aux Tower Farms de Tower Garden

The future is today
with the Garden Tower Farm

Discover the possibilities of Garden Tower Farms

A garden tower farm makes
healthier and fresher food accessible at all times

A large majority of people live in areas that offer difficult access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most traditionally grown produce travels up to 4,000 kilometers before landing on a plate, so many people often settle for foods that lack both flavor and nutrition.

Tower Farms growing systems are designed to easily grow anywhere, all year round. This means you can grow locally, within your community, and solve food availability and quality issues.

Whether in the center of a big city or in a remote village, Tower Farms makes high quality food accessible to everyone!

For more information about garden tower farms, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.