Urban Farms

Discover the ultimate solution for agriculture
with the urban farm

Tower Farms technology allows you to grow food without soil while using only 10% of the land required for traditional farming.

So you can sustainably farm almost anywhere in a city, from parking lots to rooftops!

Explore examples of urban agriculture

La ferme urbaine Jardin Vertical telle que vue à l'émission de Radio-Canada: L'Épicerie

Jardin Vertical

Logo Jardin Vertical

Company located in Montreal, on Fullum Street.

They are people passionate about a vision focused on hyperlocality, regeneration and sustainability.
They help their local communities get fresh, nutrient-dense food at an affordable price.

The Garden at AT&T Park

Company located in San Francisco, California, USA.

Housed in a baseball stadium, The Garden at AT&T Park offers San Francisco Giants fans fresh, aeroponic produce. But this one-of-a-kind urban farm operated by Bon Appétit Management Company has a larger mission: to encourage children to lead healthier, more active lives.

With a strong culinary education program, The Garden teaches children the importance of sustainability, food culture and wise choices in the kitchen.

ferme urbaine Agrotonomy en espagne. Agrotonomy Urban farm in spain

Logo Agrotonomy

Company located in Spain.

The first Tower Farm in Europe, Agrotonomy grows fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs on a picturesque and sunny Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Land is limited on the island. But that’s no problem for Agrotonomy since Tower Farms use up to 90% less land than conventional farms.

Why urban farms are the future of agriculture

Tower Garden farmers can thrive in urban environments where traditional farmers cannot. In turn, they support a more sustainable future and enjoy many advantages over the competition.

In addition to contributing to global food security, when you grow your own Urban Tower Farm, you:

  • Produce hyper-local food that consumers crave
  • Enrich your community and support your local economy
  • Reduce transport distances, which preserves the freshness, flavor and nutritional content of products, while protecting both your budget and the environment
De la bette à carde poussant TOUTE L'ANNÉE dans la tour à jardin Tower Garden

Want help growing your own local aeroponic crops within the city limits?